Zelda Williams for Robin Williams - The Noble Awards
Gary Sinise Accepting Noble Award to Standing Ovation

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?

-Martin Luther King Jr.

About The Noble Awards

The Noble Awards was established to honor the work of humanitarians for the positive impact that they have made on our world. The annual awards ceremony is produced on behalf of the 501 C3 non-profit The Noble Academy, and it is their hope to inspire more people to become involved in the NOBLE act of giving. The mission of the Noble Awards is to provide the needed awareness for the many organizations and unify the efforts of celebrities, philanthropists, media outlets, and everyday citizens to coalesce around social change, becoming a catalyst for peace and service.

Every person has the capacity to change the world and affect the lives of those around them, but it takes a truly NOBLE heart to do so.”


Each year, 10 Noble Awards are handed out to Celebrities and Entertainment Executives who have made an impact on society:

  • 6 Awards are given to Celebrities from 6 different categories:
  • 1 Award is given for Activism in Film
  • 1 Award is given for Activism in Music
  • 1 Award is given for Activism in Sports
  • 1 Special Honor Award

2015 Honorees

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The Noble Awards 2015 - Full Show

Paul Walker Tribute

C.A.F. & Robin Williams

Today I Can Do Anything

Ian Somerhalder for Activism in Film

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